What is SDF?

Eight Technologies has built the SDF platform to connect the SDF meta data with the audio file on our servers to allow website users to hear information about a website, company, product or service from their search results. The website owner creates a short (15 to 20 second) audio description file of their website which is uploaded to our servers. An SDF identification number is generated and then copied into the meta data of a website to be indexed by search engine crawlers so when a website link comes up in a search result the SDF audio file is loaded with the website link. The internet user doing a search then receives a list of links with the 8tech button for audio description of the website along with the other content. The internet user can click on the 8tech button to receive vocalized information about the website, company, product or service before clicking the link. This gives the internet user better information about the website, company, product or service to make an informed decision before going to the website.

An example of the SpeakWiz search engine providing results with the SDF file is shown:

If your website needs to get information to the mobile user then the SDF Platform is a must. eCommerce websites can add the SDF platform to product webpages to have an audio description of the product for the internet visitor to listen to and inform them of why they should go to your website. The SDF Platform allows eCommerce sites, especially those selling to the mobile user, to provide information and target their audience with their search results.